joint commission discharge summary requirements 2019

*The use of Joint Commission Resources (JCR) advisory services is not necessary to obtain a Joint Commission Accreditation award, nor does it influence the granting of such awards. Physician note on day of discharge further clarifies that the patient will be going home with hospice”. Discharge summary dictated 2 days after discharge states patient went “home”. Specifications Manual for Joint Commission National Quality Measures (v2019A) Discharges 07-01-19 (3Q19) through 12-31-19 (4Q19) LICENSE FOR USE OF CURRENT PROCEDURAL TERMINOLOGY, FOURTH EDITION (“CPT®”) * Under extenuating circumstances, the responsible anesthesiologist may waive the requirements marked with an asterisk (*); it is recommended that when this is done, it should It is important to note that EP 25 is only applicable to those hospitals that use The Joint Commission survey for deemed You can expect additional review in the area of History … 1 The medical record contains documentation that the patient was discharged from the inpatient … The name of the physician accepting responsibility for discharge shall be noted on the record. determine that the patient meets the discharge criteria. Discharge Summaries The Joint Commission has established standards (Standard IM.6.10, EP 7) outlining the components that each hospital discharge summary should contain: Reason for hospitalization: Chief complaint, including a description of the initial diagnostic evaluation Two discharge summaries, one dictated 5/22 (day of discharge) and one dictated 5/27 - Use the 5/27 discharge summary. Select value “2” (“Hospice - Home”). Specifications Manual for Joint Commission National Quality Measures (v2019A) Discharges 07-01-19 (3Q19) through 12-31-19 (4Q19) The discharge planning and burden reduction changes announced in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) final rules on Sept. 30 are under review by The Joint Commission. Home-care services can help avoid delays in discharge or unplanned readmissions, which often occur when discharge planning is incomplete. How quickly must documentation be accessible during a survey? Two discharge medication reconciliation forms, one not dated and one dated 4/24 (day of discharge) - Use both. Discharge planner note from day before discharge … THIRD-PARTY ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION REQUESTS. ACTION: Final rule. Start Preamble Start Printed Page 51836 AGENCY: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), HHS. Discharge summary Death certificate Resuscitation records ... your employees and agents are authorized to use CPT® only as contained in The Joint Commission performance measures solely for your own personal use in directly participating in healthcare programs administered by The Joint Commission.

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