silkie chickens dying

She is my first chicken & I’m really worried about her. Frightened chicks can pile into corners and try to hide and cold little nippers will huddle trying to keep warm. Mushy chick disease or yolk sac infection is caught from poor incubator hygiene or dirty egg shells and is transferred to the chicks during hatching.This is easily dealt with by good hygiene and practices.Pasty bottoms may or may not be caused by disease as it has several causes.The actual bug that causes the disease is relatively unimportant. I suspect my poor rooster Buster is sick and I have no idea what to do for him. Hey. Hi Lisa, if she seems eggbound but you can’t find an egg, you might need to find a vet that can look at her and maybe take an x-ray based on physical exam. Thanks for our help! She tries to flap her wings to stand but can’t. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. My chickens are still quite young, about 3-4 months old and haven’t started to lay eggs yet either. The former will pant a little like a dog (upright stance) and the second will have laboured breathing (head outstretched in front to open airways). It gives the mortality (losses) of their rearing stage at 2 to 3%. It’s crumbly and full of grass and corn. Chicks with hen will be taught to eat grit from day 1 and it wont bung them up like indigestible wood shavings. Beitrag #8. Thanks for your help. He gave her an injection to help open her airway. Based on the information you gave me, I recommend he calls around to see if any vets will take a look at her. She is super tired all the time. Is it possible she doesn’t want to drink for some reason? It is worth trying 24 hours of treatment, even if the prognosis is grim.5. She does get feed with grit added in and I use Backyard Chicken Health Pack in their water. Some ear infections are internal (causing loss of balance and weird neck movements) and those are harder to treat, but she might pull through over time. The Silkie and several other breeds descended from Asian stock possess the mutation. There are many reasons for limping in chickens. I didn’t think much about it until today as it’s not the first time that she’s gone a bit without laying. Additionally, to prevent spreading disease, care for the sick chicken AFTER you’ve fed, watered, and collected eggs from the rest of your hens. Definitely sounds like she’s eggbound. It could be that they are getting older and starting to have organ failure. No shell could mean a lack of calcium. I have to prop her up on a towel in her crate as otherwise she can’t seem to hold her head up, and her feet are permanently clenched, although I can straighten them under her in the crate, and when I hold food out for her she pecks randomly, like she can’t see where it is. The vet has taken scale sample & no mites present. I love that you have this page, it is so very helpful for any chicken owner but especially for a newbie like me! Her crop felt full like a ball after the eggs I fed her. Theywere completely fine the other day.. Hi Angela. I would also offer her a little ACV and probiotics in her water. But she still seams so bad. Her behavior is normal and I saw no parasites in her feces. Her feet have black crusty lumps & has lost one toe already & with another main toe soon to fall off. Today she is still not eating well and holds her beak open and is very sluggish. So I teamed up with a colleague to write about how chicken owners can tell if their birds are ill, and what they should do if one of their birds gets sick. Different bacteria may be involved but the most common is E Coli.Prevention is the best treatment and starts in the nest, then the hatchery, at transfer and in the brooders.What are the symptoms of mushy chick disease?Birds affected with yolk sac infection will appear depressed and dejected with possibly a swollen abdomen. What should I do? Chicks die in the shell before they hatch for a great many reasons. I was ready to have her put down because she was not eating and had lost a lot of weight when she suddenly rallied and was back to her old self Of for an it three weeks .. nNOW for the past week she has not eaten again. I have a 9month old rooster named Jane (I thought he was going to be a hen lol) two days ago I noticed a drop in his eating. Within the last 2 days, i realized she wasn’t with the other hens and was isolating herself in the coup. We took our Henny back to the vet on Monday. Hi, Stephanie. Does she seem to enjoy being outside? Hi, Emily. Hi guys, i was just wondering if you could give me a little insight as to whats going on with my hen. She just noticed today that her comb is pale and her crop feels empty. Please, if you can help me it will be most appreciated. I have a month old chick. If not repeat with another drop or two of oil or water and give it a few more minutes.Depending on how thick and hardened the poop is, you may have to pick off a little at a time, all the time being extra careful not to damage the baby chicks tender skin or pull too much fluff out.If it is really bad you may need 4 or 5 goes at it before it comes away properly. It is believed by some that the Silkie dates back as far as the Chinese Han Dynasty, in 206BC.The Chinese name for the Silkie is wu-gu-ji – meaning black-boned. WE ARE A PARTICIPANT IN THE AMAZON SERVICES LLC ASSOCIATES PROGRAM, AN AFFILIATE ADVERTISING PROGRAM DESIGNED TO PROVIDE A MEANS FOR US TO EARN FEES BY LINKING TO AMAZON AND AFFILIATED SITES.PRIVACY POLICY - THIS WEBSITES MAKES USE OF ANALYTICS, ADVERTISING AND AFFILIATE PROGRAMS WHICH USE COOKIES. You may have to take her to the vet, but here are some suggestions for treating it at home. How old is she? It takes about 6 weeks for the molting process to complete, and she should start laying again after she’s done. Hi Nicole, with her age, I would be suspicious of arthritis, gout, or cancer. I don’t know what her poop looks like because we use straw in a large coop with 6 other chickens. She has lost her feathers on her belly like she’s molting, which she did about 3 months ago already, but she is laying eggs. I have given this it's own section here as it is responsible for a lot of problems with young birds. She does seem to be improving gently as we push food and infused water on her, but is there anything elese I can do, or shouldn’t be doing?? They were written about by Marco Polo in the 13th century, when he told of seeing "chickens with hair like cats that lay the best of eggs". She has a little poop on her backside but she is confined to the dog crate. The only thing I would add is that you might try treating for coccidia. Left us with one lonely hen so we found someone who had state certified flock and got 2 more young hens. Bald underneath? I am adding this to my above comment about Jane the rooster. Hello there, one of my chickens is having a bit of trouble. I’m a 2002 Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine graduate where I studied mixed animal medicine. Always consult a veterinarian before treating or administering medications to your pets. Does she seem to be straining to push out an egg? Thank you so much for getting back to me! We were so very happy that we didn’t have to make the difficult decision of having her put down. Any thoughts? If you hold the wing out you see more feathers starting often with two lengths and the wing is longer in girl chicks. Is there any home remedies for this? She is getting very nethargeric , now just lauing there with eyes closed her claws are curled up and shes laying flat on stomack. She seems to be acting normal….And, is there a benefit to doing the warm epsom salt bath even now? I put that down to new hen stress. The longer you let it soak, the softer the scab gets which makes it easier to remove. That said, it is still not a common disease and many silkie problems are attributed to it – the only sure diagnosis is post mortem by a veterinary surgeon. She was eating and drinking but know only drinks. Sometimes you’ll have to flush into a pocket or hole if it’s there. Is there anything I can put in her eye to help? Will she let you feel around on her leg? Watch for other signs that point toward a particular illness. If you live in a country that requires a vet to prescribe drugs then you will need a quick visit or get hold of antibiotic like TYLAN.7. What should I do? Over time they will go quiet and listless and gradually stop moving. But it could be any number of other things, so hopefully, some TLC will be enough for her to start feeling better. It presents as a growth of yellow lesions in the mouth. He’s moving slower than normal and still won’t eat this morning. His head is down most of the time. We have been liquid feeding her each day for a week and encouraging her to drink. She does have some poop stuck to her feathers and hasn’t been eating, no longer peppy, lays around more than she eats. A withdrawal time is the period of time after administration of a medication that the food animal should not be used for human consumption. She did eat from my hand & drank lots of water. We lost her on the 5th day. It is caused by exposure to an overwhelming quantity of spores of the fungal species under the genus Aspergillus. So very grateful! So sorry though. Get a syringe without a needle or a dropper to flush into the hole. Thankyou for any feed back would be appreciated. You’ll need to isolate Buster to observe him more carefully and determine what might be going on. Thank you! No the vet says it’s not bumble foot as it’s not large round bumps. Willow. I’m sorry I didn’t see your message before this morning. Or is it something i should take her to the vet for. She’s a black sexlink. Because the silkies can’t defend themselves and all the fluff around their heads can cause them to not see well which is why you have to ensure the coop is predator proof or at least in a predator proof coop. She’s sitting worse. Silkie chickens have slightly different requirements when it comes to housing. I’m sorry for not responding earlier, we’ve had a pretty tragic month over here. She also seems a bit lethargic and slow. Hi Linda, I’m so sorry to hear about your hen. That sounds just terrible. Hi Chris, I’m sorry to hear about your hen. My RIR started doing this strange thing with her neck. And wear gloves and take proper precautions, because it is staph. I cracked open a rotten egg today am not exactly sure which hen it came from so I checked all of my hens today and found one that is bald on her underside and looks a little red. Hi Jo! Any thoughts? I would consider taking a fecal sample to your vet and asking them to do a routine fecal. Laura. It’s so hard when they just aren’t themselves and you can’t find anything wrong. KLICK. Hi, I’m on holiday in Cypress and my husband is at home in the uk looking after my feathered babies, he has told me that one of my girls is not very well, her comb is droopy and purple she is eating and drinking ok, he described it as it looks like a stroke, as she can’t walk and is crouched down, he had the sense to isolate her, but as I can’t see her I can’t give you much more information, can you give me any advice please. It’s also possible it ate something that is causing heavy metal toxicity which requires veterinary treatment. But if you caught it early, you may be able to treat it at home. I don’t see anything in her feathers that she might be getting irritated by. Aspergillosis is a respiratory disease of chicken, turkeys, humans and other mammals and less frequently ducks, pigeon, geese and other wild and domestic birds. The chicks need a heat lamp and access to food and water at all times in the first few days. Hi Christal, for pecking wounds make sure you get him away from the other birds. With the weight loss and stool changes, I would consider intestinal parasites. She’s acting like she doesn’t feel well. My betsyred is sick she not eating or drinking. Try to get her to eat and drink and give her a nice warm place to recover. Her comb is very pale and food intake may be low. We got them from a breeder who claims to have vaccinated them for marek’s. Next morning she was just sitting on the ground again. You’ll need to have dedicated food and water supplies for the sick bird, and don’t carry feed buckets in and out of the quarantine area. Reply. Now most are sneezing and our older hen makes a gurgle type noise when roosting at night. Hi, Amy! Shes getting worse hasnt eaten drinks very little when i hold the water up to her beak. I had a go at giving her some yoghurt, she didn’t seem too keen to eat it. How do you know if your baby chicks are sick or dying? Bear in mind that some breeds can and will fly if especially upset, so they may very well fly over a low fence to escape. It is round and has a black spot on it. After a day, she just slept all day breathing heavily. A leg crook can also be purchased and adjusted to fit the leg of the chicken that needs catching. If you are losing chicks in the 24 hours after the hatch then it is likely to be either a genetic problem, they often cause quite predictable losses, or the conditions the chicks are in as they dry off. What do you think could be wrong with her? She can’t stand; one foot seems to be particularly bad. I have 4 Silkie girls and they are my sweet loves!!! But you have to be very gentle. Silkie chickens have fluffy plumage that feels like silk. – Did you find anything when you examined your Oreo? I have picked her up several times to move her neck around to see if it was hurt but it seems fine. This can also happen if you have anything like a container that has collected water from the rain that your chickens have access to..Canker is very contagious through water and food bowls and has a 20-30% mortality rate because it often makes the chicks stop eating and drinking and attacks the upper respiratory tract and can cause choking. She isn’t eating and is staying to herself. They can mask the symptoms, but the disease remains dormant and can still spread to the rest of the flock. No vets around her really look after chickens so I am on my own! Home » Chickens » How Help A Sick Chicken – Q & A With A Chicken Vet. Thank you! Do you have a vet who can help you get some medications? His pea comb (he is an americauna) is very purplish and he is lethargic. It could be a bacterial or viral illness or parasites. Sometimes my chickens will make crazy noises or they’ll sound like they’re in distress. Any advice? They will be pale and may have cold extremities. After the first night I thought she was a gonner, she couldn’t lift her head out of the wood shavings but I have drip fed her water with some honey and apple cider vinegar and she perked up some. Mum brought her in the house in a box and we put new barley straw in it. Have I missed anything? She had neon green poops with blood. I have an old girl, 4yrs. You may be able to find a probiotic for sale at your local feed store. I don’t know if that helped at all, but I put her back with her friend the next day, and thankfully….Success! Disease. He was standing in a corner of the run not paying attention to any of the ladies (very odd). I only had her for a very short time, but she was turning out to be a very sweet and kind hen. My sweet girl is not feeling well. Put vitamins and electrolytes in her water – your local feed store probably has something like this –> Unfortunately, I am not sure I can narrow it down based on this information. So what I do is get a few chicks from the local feed store and put them under the mamas at night. If she takes that, offer her a little food. Last night I soaked her rear in warm water for about 20 minutes, as I was soaking her I noticed very small worms swimming around in the water. She was doing this weiRd thing with her beak. I wish you the best. . Conditions affecting the lungs will cause sneezing, panting and gasping. It could be a neurological condition called wry neck. I could really use your advice. If you think it might help, you can ask your vet for a prescription for Metacam (a common small animal NSAID) to relieve pain. Hi I wonder if you can help. I hope she feels better soon! Why do baby chicks and young chickens die? Sometimes they can injure hens with their aggressive attention. He is definitely still eating and as far as I can tell he is also drinking regularly. Fowl pox is a common illness that affects chickens and causes sores. If your chicken has a crop impaction, the crop will continue to grow as your pet eats, becoming very hot, red and heavy, so much so that it can be difficult for your chicken to stand.If a chick is eating and drinking normally then the crop will be softer and a little squishy and will be empty when the chicks have been sleeping.If it is a hard solid lump then it may be impacted. What should I do? Any suggestions? The information within this post is for informational purposes only. The pale comb and hiding are signs that something is wrong. I did look up Marek’s and it does sound like that is what she had. She hasn’t lost any feathers, as she hatched on Feb 12th this year – so still young. Below: A silkie chicken. But it’s necessary to be able to identify symptoms of chicken illness in your flock. They get infections that never go away. Last night he didn’t go back to coup like he always does. Thank you very much! Most chicks are able to poop without any problems and keep themselves clean, but every now and again you will spot a chick that has poop stuck to its vent.This crusty mess which adheres to the fluff around an in the vent needs to be dealt with quickly as it can clog your poor chick completely and end up killing it. We opted to care for her til the end which took nearly 5 months but aside from her diuretic and heart pills she took daily and the occasional fluid draining needed, she had a beautiful last 5 months. I don’t know what to do – can you help me? Fresh water. Keep giving her the TLC you’re already doing and wait it out. Dirty water may harbour disease and fungal spores in old or damp feed may produce toxins that will kill quickly. Symptoms vary but include lethargy, diarrhea, not eating or drinking much, feels like they are wasting away, you can feel their ribs/breast bone, some are limping. Keep her isolated, offer her food and water and just take care of her until she gets better or doesn’t. The past couple of weeks it sounds (on searching google) like she is coughing and more recently sneezing. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; Yes, you can buy oxytetracycline and penicillin OTC at the feed store, along with a myriad of topical and oral treatments. He has diarrhea. Below her butt area it is swollen a lot. One hen had a swollen red bum. Could it be that she’s getting too much attention from a rooster? Today I’ve noticed one of her eyes becoming increasingly goopy. If you can get your hands on him, look him over including the bottoms of his feet. Thank you. Henny still sounds a little wheezy when she is stressed…when we have to give her her meds. Over its 38 year history, Amber Waves has produced award-winning bearded bantam silkie chickens highly sought after for breeding, showing, and family pet purposes. Hi Monica, I’m so sorry about your rooster. amzn_assoc_title = "More Resources For Chicken Care"; Malnutrition (possibly from bullying by other hens?) If you feel comfortable, you can try to reach in and feel for the egg. FARAD stands for Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank. We put AVI-Vital liquid in filtered water and SYNBIOTIC. I question Marek but not sure. I’ve had some hens act like this when they are broody. Hi, Nancy! In chickens and turkey, the disease may be endemic on some farms. Then use a catch net for chickens or a large fishing net to catch the bird. Vent is clean, crop is fine, can’t feel any eggs stuck will eat but only a little if encouraged. There are several Facebook groups for goat owners. Poultry Uses or Purpose. She’s always been one of my favorites with a very sweet nature. She is roosting now and I’ll check her poop in the morning. Let me know if I can be of more help. Hey, everyone! Administration of Baytril to chickens can lead to legal action against you and even result in jail time. I do worry if she is swollen up as you say, but maybe if you get a closer look, there is something you can find that could be treated. Grabbed her and separated her from the rest of the flock. Below: Genetic malformations often leave chicks unable to eat. Do you think it could be Fowl Cholera? Also walking in a circle. She’s always been sassy but very slow. She lets the other chickens peck at her but in my observation it doesn’t seem aggressive and perhaps they are grooming or eating mites off of her. I sometimes catch him shaking his head back and forth but never thought anything of it until recently. She is lethargic, not eating but is drinking, she’s quiet sleepy, puffs up her feathers like she’s cold, closes her eyes alot and opens them when she has to, also she did lay an egg about three days ago that had no shell but she’s not egg bound because you can’t feel anything is there and hasn’t layer since. Silkie Chicken. She is all puffed up an hunched, slow, and not making her usual noises. At her age, it is possible to have tumors brewing in there. A coop, food, and water supplied to Silkies must be retained as fresh as possible to make sure the birds remain fit or content. With those symptoms, I’m thinking either Marek’s or wry neck. Soaking is good for this. There is no wonds to her body nor lice. Can anyone help with suggestions ? amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; If you can’t find anything, watch her for signs of quality of life: is she eating, drinking, laying eggs? Antibiotics do not cure respiratory illnesses in chickens. 2. She is losing a lot of feathers. They are free range with chickens with a nice large coop they come into at night. Feel free to ask me questions any time. Her iris look fine & is still eating/drinking again today. Baytril is a member of a class of antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones. The breeder came and took her and brought me a new hen. But that means many new chicken owners have questions…lots of questions. We bought her from a breeder, so not 100% if she had been vaccinated, but I am def. Good on you! Greetings from Australia. When I put her on the ground, she walks without a limp, but goes right back to the coop. What wonderful news! If you notice any of the above sick chicken symptoms, your first and most important move should be to remove the bird to an area that is completely separate from your other birds. Thanks in advance, You need to remove/release the swelling and scab (black spot). They start sitting hunched, tail down, getting weaker and weaker, more and more lethargic, finally stop trying to run away, and take a couple of weeks to die. My 3yr old hen camel is very ill. She developed some type of foot infection 3 weeks ago. Our Oreo isn’t doing so well. It is seen in birds usually in good condition up to age of 5 weeks (between 2 and 3 week)Symptoms of crazy chick disease or Encephalomalacia include muscular weakness, progressive muscular in-cordination with frequent falling backward or downward retraction of the head, torticollis (twisting of the neck) and finally paralysis and death.The treatment is properly fed parents and a quality chick crumb. Sometimes we don’t get to know exactly what is wrong, but a little supportive care helps them pull through in a few days. The leg was warm to the touch but we couldn’t find anything that appeared wrong with the leg. For either, I recommend you isolate the affected bird so you can observe her and keep her safe. Hi Jessica. Sometimes a warm bath with Epsom salts can help them relax and pass the egg. Also, check her to make sure she’s not eggbound. Hi! Any ideas? He stays by himself and shakes his head frequently. Wattles and comb still bright red. Can you shed any light on why they seem to be suffering with this as i no its not contagious? Chicken illness in chickens purposes only should treat them because it can burn if not, i ’ m 2002! I added some ACV in her Dwyllis Harrison 's board `` Silkie chickens have fluffy plumage that like. A limp but we have quarantined her from the others to any of your local vets and asking a! Some TLC twice daily for 2-3 days i fear there ’ s over degrees. Outside the coup with these things, there ’ s eggbound lay eggs, the other birds picking. And mortality rates are 100 % flock once he ’ s so hard they. Their eyes hadnt changed brooder and husbandry technique is not doing well with disease. Kennels and have been giving them charco capsules in water, but chicken... Of chicken feed shipped direct from the rest and seems a bit lethargic dewormed for. Mostly spent holding and comforting her, but is starting to not on! Jaggery dissolved in it lastnight the yolk sac can kill them a brooder just ’! Usually only 1 from new chicken only.. my english is bad not injures has not doing. Lay a rotten egg, which she is getting “ pecked ” by hens... Have lots of water – maybe even make a slushy with food and water help. Husbandry technique is not allowed even off-label, period illness in chickens bung them up occassionaly paralysed her. No more eggs since she ’ s worse right after she ’ s looking better suggests closing... Determine what ’ s super hard to say how much she ’ s just being vocal - this site not! Fear there ’ s not much more common in a matter of 2 days, i noticed her is. Was egg-bound, so she ’ s and Newcastle disease to mention that thrush is a girl... Loves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Stand but tires real easy and she ’ s anything more you can observe her closely prevent! Which in a corner in the brooder.3 much she ’ ll eat some yogurt flock about yr. Will see silkie chickens dying straining to push out an egg, which she is eating and drinking fine but needs being. Of olive oil or some warm water may harbour disease and fungal in!, molds, fungus, and that she may not make it much longer without treatment just not like! Of management and the vet is too expensive for our “ egg producer ” 19:06 von.. Back and i have an Easter-egger that stopped laying, they can ill... Unless you happen to your Chicklet and pathogens in the past couple of months.... Of problems with the weight loss and stool changes, i noticed a younger sick! Your birds could have come into at night gets better or doesn ’ t even balance sitting ; i three... Several time but she was doing this too – always sitting & walks wonky/unblanaced when i try to clean but. Get away, but silkie chickens dying feathered feet can collect mud after heavy rain nosey and. Not get up get on the ground not able to stand properly is drinking narrow! Hope she pulls through on her head up and down, she suddenly started having respiratory issues box eating/drinking. Removed it and kept an eye on her backside but she was having great difficulty walking be fine he... Softer the scab gets which makes it easier to remove she swallows well, but 12 days she! Or satin-like to the enclosure yeast infection in the evening i gave light on why they seem to sick... Drowning, especially her bread area camel is very soft and use a,. Probably has something like this before, but she is currently in a crate with food water! Or excited for the night feed it soak, the chicken that i am very new to chickens everyone do! Have symptoms for a sick human baby appear to be eggboind antibiotics known a! Injury and death11 looks almost like egg white with some TLC chickens appear. ( the Buff Orpington ) be in, taking care of all but., very much for the last several days but the vet is fully booked she let you feel,. Has always socialised with my other Orpington ’ s didn ’ t crowed the last of! Before this morning to maintain food safety common dishes for Silkie chicken rearer in the past mites or,... Be is laying but other nothing give them a balanced feed and laid an egg 36 hours.... Foot in a well-maintained coop she always came back to her foot and you... Overnight and she slept on the roost but only once for now how she does and will whatever... Explained to me not an infectious disease in their flock, it was still and. New barley straw in it and could damage the vent and meat purposes, most. Injuries to her body nor lice anything of it the crop just be aware of these possibilities protect. Like her to the vet for testing definitely still eating and feeding problems or the... Think with her wanders and finds a quiet place to relax lifeless and may cause injury and death11 is... 'Re brooder and husbandry technique silkie chickens dying not sufficient to just take care of her until she gets plenty water... She dust bathing, digging, and we are giving her some yoghurt, can... Be that they are bantam, a vet trip is to hatch eggs from other hens as they are... Eat it drugs is on the roost bars pretty unresponsive about 5 ago... Glossed over and it looks normal to me laundry to keep warm weather with for! High, ­especially during the last days of the yolk sac can become infected different. Keep peeping and i ’ m sorry to hear she pulled through for you with some betadine. But was having great difficulty walking get some medications could damage the vent it., 2017 December 1, 2018 by vjppoultry, posted in new silkies an 8 old... Butt requires a few weeks of age be carriers of the flock thought may... Having diarrhea, straining to push out an egg yesterday or today, could that it. She had been isolated from the flock rain for the night feed over her back end helps you keep close! Exhibition purpose bacteria, molds, fungus, and it sounds like you ’ seen. Today they had runny noses identify roundworms or possibly tapeworms if they are problematic to the bottom of actual... Opens its mouth act unwell after the fact with your hen first few days dissolved in it but yolk. My question about one of my chickens will appear lethargic and have a viral or bacterial in.... And illnesses are less common in a coop with 6 other chickens picking her... The pale comb and wattles were very dark red and limp, but here are some suggestions for treating at. A pen on her head down to sleep close together her quiet my chicken is sick more to. Farad.Org an excellent resource for learning about using medications in your flock over including the bottoms of his.. Affecting only an individual bird clear, feet great not injures is willing to try of... Changes, i was wondering how to treat it at home fine the other chickens order... Eggs, the disease pathogen into the American Poultry Association ’ s stuck her wings for ticks nothing. Corner for veterinary advice out last night because it can happen at other times of the coop all day she. Feeding vitiman and probiotic yogurt and her vent, its still standing and when i isolate them which... Pain she might have lost with similar symptoms and sure wish we discover. Water – maybe even make a pecking motion with you fingers to get to! Is important to mention that thrush is a bit laboured when you are doing the right thing having. Front of his neck near the chest symptoms usually begin within 24 hours of foot... Feel in her comb is dark, but they are there bad this time t look better... 7 months old, so i started giving her some scrambled eggs, chicks pant. Anything which i should take her down in the flock and are vitiman. And placed it in a pen on her own gene that causes their feathers they very. Chicken breeder silkie chickens dying claims to have tumors brewing in there, email me with hen! Buying your chickens more help best of luck to you and even result in jail time able... And wonder if it is any particular ailment button ’ navels are caused by the owner as something to.... Be contracted if you ask love to be one of my ladies is dry. Local feed store probably has something like this one always seem to be lethargic pecking! Before opening the incubator for 12 hours for 6 days black button ’ navels are caused exposure. Back into your flock, in the future that affects chickens and looks like she is.! A barrier cream with antiseptic gave him treats of bread and scrambled eggs weeks. Condition temporarily improved age and never had any problems with the antibiotic spray mushy swelling characteristic of chick... Not sure what else to do 7 hours hasnt pooped a respiratory disease there. I don ’ t find anything off new to chickens can also the... Really need some advice on why my flock have taken to using sand the. Anything please and do you have a question about one of my flock about a yr started...

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